All Inclusive Pack Detail

At first glance it may seem that the drawing is correctly executed. However in order to be used in the process of 3D modeling is essential to correct some important details.

Basically if the different structures do not form closed polygons or the same form is divided into different layers. This makes it necessary "redraw", "close polygons," "redistributed into coherent layers for 3D modeling", etc ..

By means structures themselves drawing. But not so when the layers indicate "furniture", "vegetation" or "vehicles".

These are not included in the rate. Even if they exist in the catalog that is available to the customer are included.

Creation and preparation of textures and materials for each of the parts of the modeling.

They consist of screen shots showing program 3D modeling details to correct shapes and volumes.

First delivery of rendered images for textures and lighting adjustments.

Final Renders.

Includes all the work for photomontage in Photoshop and post-production of images.

Performed in EU4. Which involves the whole preparation of each of the objects and structures to be processed in real time. Video Post Production.

Headers, logos and other effects will be quoted separately.

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