Best budgets arise from a detailed information. It has a CAD file over ...? There is a quality memory ...? What is the level of urgency of the project ...? A submission deadline to which they must conform ...? Note that the size of the project means more time modeling and the urgency of deadlines affect dedicated resources. So these are the two key factors in the value of the budget.

If possible yes. But if that is not the case, there is a wide range of textures (materials) to be interested sent so that you can select between them that best fit your needs. If there is some kind of special material should indicate during the stage of budget to keep in mind. The research and preparation of textures takes time and dedication and this affects the price.

If changes need to redo the drawing in the 3D model as well. The greater the change in the drawing as many corresponding 3D model and this also makes the budget originally agreed. On the topic of materials and accessories that will make up the final image are called "preview images".

No. The values quoted are images or animations video accordingly.

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